Monday, February 10, 2014

Temptation: 9 Days sober

Today I have 12 days of sobriety, but Friday was 9 and it was on Friday that I did something pretty risky - Nigel was singing in a band that was playing on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, and I went to the House of Blues to watch the show.

I specifically did not tell Madame Helene, because she warned about putting myself in situations where people are drinking, places where I may have drank in the past, and any other situation that puts me at risk for relapse. I didn't want her to tell me not to go.

Still, I spent most of the day praying to my Higher Power for strength, resolve, and a reprieve from my obsession with alcohol. Then I spent hours studying the Big Book. Then I got all dressed up - more so than any point in recent memory - and I headed off to the show.

I continued praying on my drive to the venue, and still prayed while I was walking into the building. I wasn't remotely tempted to order a drink, but it was early in the evening.

I sat at the bar and ordered a cranberry and soda. The bartender looked at me and asked, "Not drinking tonight?"

"No, I don't drink."

He was quiet for a moment and then asked, "Are you a friend of Bill W.?"

"I am!"

Turns out that the bartender who just happened to be working in the room where Nigel was playing, he was an alcoholic and a member of A.A. He has 22 years of sobriety, and he congratulated me on my small number of days as well.

I just re-read this post from years ago, talking about my lack of faith. But there is no fucking way it was simple coincidence that the bartender was a fellow alcoholic. And it would have been very difficult for me to order a drink without him calling me out.

It's things like this which increase my faith every day.