Friday, December 26, 2008

Righteously Indignant

Well, it's begun.

I've had my laptop for an entire 26 hours now, and it's already heading to the Geek Squad for repair. Apparently Wal-Mart has a 15-day return policy on all computers (something they didn't mention at the time of the sale, because doesn't everyone read the back of their damn receipts?), and I think there was another stipulation about only accepting exchanges from leprechauns in blue, latex jumpsuits on the second Tuesday of every other leap year in HELL. Those bastards, I am seriously pissed off right now. Poor Gray got up before the sun to drive across the state to the one Wal-mart with the same model of laptop in stock, only to be told they will not exchange or return the laptop, and there may have been a "Neener, neener, neener" thrown in for good measure.

Everyone else I know with a PC laptop tells me they spend most of the time in the repair shop anyway, so I might as well get freaking used to it.

Otherwise, we had a splendid holiday with lots of coffee and kisses and family (i.e. total strangers to me) and food and gooshy stuff (you don't want to know). Gray woke up at 5:15 a.m. on Christmas morning and began the, "oh so subtle moving around and poking in order to wake up bed-mate without it being obvious that you're trying to wake up bed-mate" maneuvers. "Merry Christmas!", he said.

No way, no how, was I getting up at 5:15 on Christmas morning. SCREW THAT SHIT. So I forcibly kept him in bed until a much more decent 7:15 a.m. After that, I figured I was pushing my luck. He was all wired up like a kid, so we got up and opened our presents and had a grand old time.

Then we headed for (Timbuktu) St. Michael, to Gray's aunt and uncle's home, for a big turkey meal with all of his family (whom I've met twice). There were newborns. Two of them. 7 weeks old and 3 weeks old. I still can't believe I left without one of them hidden under my coat - those parents have no idea how lucky they are. Until Gray and I get married, those people aren't family, they're freaking strangers - lucky strangers who left with all of the children they started with.

On the way home, Gray turned and asked me, "So how are you doing? You haven't had any alcohol today..." To which I responded, "What the hell does that mean?"

Um. Well. To be honest, I'd prefer it if I were drunk right now, but all in all, I had a good time.

And now, a random photo of the Christmas Eve dinner I made for Gray and his mother. I'm posting this here because I spent a small fortune on the beef tenderloin. So much, in fact, that I'm considering having one slice framed to hang in the kitchen. Because it has to be made out of platinum or some shit. Seriously, no wonder I only make this meal once every two years.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and I hope Wal-Mart burns in hell.


  1. WalMart is the Evil Empire. Seriously. I wouldn't set foot in that store if it was the last big box on Earth. Hate it. Want to join me in the boycott?

    Hope you get your 'puter sorted out. I work off a laptop that's great, really. The only time it went into the shop was for a virus, which was MY fault, as I let my protection lapse (luckily I never do that with condoms). Anyway, hopefully your situation is a fluke and it'll come back all healthy.

    Tenderloin looks yummy. I'd have taken a picture, too.

  2. I heard that about Laptops, you've sold me on not ever buying one.

    Your dinner looks great! I'm sure Gray's Mother loved it!!!
    Ok, more posts to catch up on, talk to ya in a sec!

  3. Dinner looks delicious!

    Thats a crappy policy WalMart has, especially at Xmas time when it can be assumed that many things will not even be opened for a few weeks after the purchase date. I think they should have made it very clear they have this policy when you bought the computer, and not let you find out the hard way.

    Baaaad Wal Mart.

  4. I am SO SORRY that happened to you - THAT SUCKS! I hate Walmart too, now, on your behalf. I never shopped there before (Target is closer, is all) and now I never will!!!

    But, good for you on not kidnapping the babies (I feel the urge any time I'm around a particularly cute one!) and your Christmas dinner looks fantastic! Seriously - what a great spread - well done!

  5. Baby Jesus loves tenderloin...but he hates lap tops.
    It's too much like a lap dance.

  6. Yum!! That looks really good. And not to be crappy or anything, but I bought my Vaio laptop at Best Buy, and I love it. Wal Mart can suck dead donkey dicks.

  7. Thanks Cat, Now I am hungry again! *wanders back into the kitchen for some more green bean casserole*

  8. Guess I'll stop bitching about my slow-ass laptop now. I did NOT get a laptop for Christmas like I'd thought.

  9. Good job on the dinner! A small fortune was spent on ours as well, but it was sooooo worth it!!

    That is fucking stupid about WalMart, they won't take back something you legitimately bought from them, but they are also know. to buy back shit you didn't even buy from them.

    Oh, and fyi, I am also a fucking goon. One of my good friends and I always call each other fucking goons. It is great fun.

  10. Mmm, that food looks so great! Care to share the tenderloin recipe? I have never even tried making tenderloin.

    Now I want a slice of that platinum goodness!

  11. It's great to hear you had a good time. The food looks wonderful. I'll be over for the next meal.

    Hopefully you get the laptop thing straightened out soon.

  12. Kidnapping jokes are always funny.

  13. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm. Food looks awesome. I can't believe I spent $300 at the supermarket a few days ago and I have to go again tomorrow. Next year I'm totally charging admission to Xmas dinner.

    Sucks about wal-mart. I have a Dell laptop - we've actually had a few Dell laptops over the last few years (my husband goes through them with his work), and they've been pretty great, no problems at all that I can think of actually.


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