Tuesday, November 04, 2008

For Which I Won't Be Thanking Jesus

Lookie! Lookie! I know you're all just besides yourselves with glee on my behalf,
because lookie what I got!

Thanks to Elle Charlie at Sometimes a Girl Needs a Blog for bestowing this upon me. Sometimes a girl truly does need a blog. It's my very first bloggy award! This calls for getting totally hammered and dancing naked on the kitchen counter! Woooooo! Ahem. Ok. Miss Elle (is it pronounced "L-e" or just "L"?? She's so mysterious!). I don't remember how I found her blog...one of the many comment lurking extravaganza's, probably...but I am so glad I did. She's a local girl, here in the Twin Cities metro area. So that means I can eventually stalk her the old fashioned way. All in due time. Go check her out!

Ok, what this means for me is that I must list 6 things that make me happy. I could list all the things you might expect, my non-husband, my family, peace on earth, but I think I'm going to be totally honest instead. So here goes. The 6 things that make me truly happy:

1) Opening a bottle of red wine, and knowing I don't have to share it with anyone.

2) Chapstick.

3) When I go for an oil change and they tell me the air filter looks good.

4) Leftovers that taste better than they did the first go-round (IS true of chili and Chinese food. NOT true of macaroni & cheese or sandwiches).

5) Putting on a pair of pants that both fit my waist AND hang longer than my ankle bones.

6) The last 30 minutes of work on the day before a long weekend. Or even just a regular weekend.

Ok, now I'm sure you're all filled with thankfully-ness having read my list of Happy Things. So let me share the bloggy love (apparently that really is the technical term) with some of my new blogging friends:

1) Nikki at My Husband Calls Me Weird because she loves to say fuck as much as I do. Which is kinda fitting since she's got a bun in the oven...we all know what SHE likes to do!

2) Michelle at Confessions of a Desperate Housewife because she's my Jill and I heart her. Also because she's got 4 kids and her tits still look amazing!

3) Veronica at Sleepless Nights because she's foreign, and I am open-minded like that. I forgave her the giant spider she posted last week and in exchange, she is teaching me the metric system.

4) Witchypoo at PsychicGeek because I get the feeling she knows something I don't know. Also, I imagine her as freaky in the sack, and who doesn't love that?

5) Kat at Just Kat Stuff because I know she's doing NaBloPoMo too, and one can never have too much post material if one is doing NaBloPoMo. Plus, she's a fellow Kat/Cat. OH! And she's both the mother of a young child AND a grandmother. I still haven't figured out the math on that one, but she's from Florida, so I'm sure it's normal down there.

6) Jenny at Flibbity because she seems so tense and her puter broke and she probably needs some cyber love. I forgive her her obsession with country music because she says nice things to me, and visits my site on a regular basis (just exchanging one form of artistic garbage with another, but still...)

Ok, that's all kids! There are lots of other bloggers that I'd like to include here, but I'm limited to 6. Also, I don't think Dooce is speaking to me after all the dirty things I did to her husband in my dreams last night. That, and her being super famous and busy and all. Just imagine...a world in which you voluntarily close comments because you get too many. Unthinkable!

Anyhow, Happy Day to everyone! Save me some wine!