Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, Here We Are Again

It's Monday. Under normal circumstances, that would be unfortunate, but this is a SPECIAL kind of Monday. This is a Monday before the Tuesday before I get three days off from work for the holiday. If you add those three days up with the standard weekend, that's five whole days off from work. With no working. And no going to work. I thankful for that. Of course, this means that the following Monday will be a very bad kind of Monday. It will be the kind of Monday that commences the twenty-five day long week that is the Universe's way of punishing us for enjoying a long weekend. The work week following a short week is the longest week of all time, generally. But you know what? Fuck it. That's a whole Monday away from now! I'll worry about that when I get to it.

Well, we had folks over for the WWE pay per view last night, and by "folks" I mean big, nerdy guys (and one hot chick), and by "guys" I mean total nerds. Nerdy nerds. Have you ever observed a group of men playing a video game? It's really...quite entertaining, if you're not too disturbed to appreciate it's inherent entertainment value. Their faces are so intense, as if they are in the middle of performing a delicate surgical procedure instead of playing a pretend tag team match in my living room. Some of them squinch up their eyes, some of them poke the tip of their tongue out and bite it, some of them squirm around in their seat as if the movement of their body will actually have an impact on the animated wrestlers on the screen. They smack talk, as if any one of them is any less nerdy than any of the rest of them. Boys are weird.

I'm going to have to hurry up and write 4 posts and get them ready to post in my absence, because of the NowgoaheadandblowmePo situation. Then tonight, I am marching Gray down to the nearest Great Clips and holding him down while they shave his hairy neck. Trimming up the hair isn't a bad idea either. He's been putting off the haircut for a long time now, giving one excuse or another, until about 3 weeks ago when I thought I had convinced him to go ahead and DO something about it already. Unfortunately, that's when he pulled the "I want to get it cut right before we go to Arkansas" load of crap, and the "I might as well wait until right before that" bullshit. Today? It's the day. Death to the crazy hairy neck. It must be stopped. Because I just love a guy with a head that is distinguishable from his back. Kooky, I know.

So I offer you some photographic evidence to prove that Gray, in fact, should always get timely haircuts.

Here he is a couple years ago, all hairy and stuff.
I think he was going for the Badass Metal Guy look.

Here he is right after a hair cut. Infinitely more sponge worthy.
Here's what the situation is looking like now - note the hairy neck.
I am a big fan of the beard. The beard can (should) stay. (JMU if you shave that beard off I will buy fake fur and super glue it onto your face.) I'm also totally ok with him growing out the long hair again, if he wants to. Then I can put it into braids and tie it with pretty ribbons. And maybe make him go in public that way. So it's totally his choice, I'd never pressure him either way, especially since I have lots of ribbons!