Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now It's To The Point Where I Have To Comment On The Weather

So it's December 10th, and we've already got a respectable amount of snow on the ground. Not a LOT of snow, maybe 6 or 7 inches in places, 3 or 4 in others, but still - there's snow covering the dead, brown landscape. I've only been up here since July of 2001, which makes this my 8th Minnesota winter, and this is one of only and handful of years where we're all certain it will be a "white Christmas". Everybody loves a "white Christmas", at least in theory, and many years we're in a dead heat with the calendar and mother nature, holding our collective, holiday breath as we wait to see, "Will it be white?".

Last year, if I remember correctly, we had almost no snow whatsoever until Christmas Day, when we got pummeled. Driving up to St.Micheal and back was quite the adventure, but it was beautiful!

This morning is the first true freezing fucking Minnesota day. My thermometer in the car said it was 2 degrees. TWO DEGREES. That's sinus-freezing cold. You know those little Easter egg sleeves that you boil onto the eggs? You know how they kind of shrink wrap around them? Imagine that feeling in your sinus cavity, and that's what today is like. All my nose hairs kind of "schwooped" this morning. Cold. The good news is, at least to me, that once the temps hit about 5 degrees and below, it doesn't really feel any colder. Ten below feels about the same to me as ten above. I certainly don't hang around outside, waiting to see if I feel more frozen than the day before.

I hear we may be getting a big snowstorm on Sunday night, and I'm really kind of excited about it. I'm still in the winter honeymoon phase right now, when the cold isn't so intolerable, and the snow is all pretty and there isn't much ice on the roads. It helps that we live about two miles from work, can park underground in the heated garage, and don't have to shovel any of the snow ourselves. It's easier to be down with the winter weather when you don't have to dig your car out of a snow bank when you're already late for work and didn't have time to blow dry your hair.

I tried to take some photos of the pretty snow for you all, but by the time I leave work at 3:30, it's already well on the way to full-on darkness, and my shibby camera appreciates a little natural light. Maybe on Monday after the big storm!

Anyhow, I know this is a little dull (to say the least), that I'm commenting on the weather and don't have anything more...uh...less fucking boring to tell you, but the cold is about the extent of the excitement in my world at this point in time. That and salt & vinegar chips, but most people don't like them, and I'm pretty certain no one wants to read about their tangy delight.

Gray is going to see Suicidal Tendencies tomorrow night with his buddy Big Mike. I declined to accompany them, as I don't know the band much and it's a work night for me. I'm kind of old that way, I like to be in bed by 9 whenever possible. It makes me more...uh...less hateful the next day.

So, now that I've successfully put you all to sleep...WAKE UP!

(I'm so totally embarrassed by this post. Please forgive me. I promise to do something stupid soon, so I have something funny to post about, and you can all laugh and point your cyber fingers at me, and go back to being entertained.)