Monday, December 08, 2008

The Trouble With Doing Laundy In An Apartment - Part II

Well, I just got back from dropping off the shopping cart back below the stairwell. The shopping cart that I needed to haul all our dirty clothes to the laundry room upstairs. And then to the other laundry room down the hall because the machines upstairs couldn't handle it all. I'll be heading back up there in 14 minutes to put them all in the dryer.

We made SEVEN LOADS OF LAUNDRY since last Sunday. Seriously people, I washed 6 loads just one week ago. What the fuck? Which one of the two of us is walking around with 14 pairs of pants on every day, because that's what it must take to make SEVEN loads of dirty laundry in as many days. Jesus Christ.

To be fair, one load is comprised of sheets (that I didn't do last week because we were out of town for most of that week and, well, I'm just kinda lazy like that) and towels. But still, this is really quite ridiculous.

Let's do the math:
7 loads to wash at $1.50 each (plus two machines that cost $1.75) = $11.00
7 loads to dry at $1.25 each (plus two machines that cost $1.50) = $9.25
Soap, bleach, dryer sheets (guessing here, no clue) = $4.00
My wasted fucking time = Priceless

So that's $24.25 every week that we're spending to wash our damn clothes. Seriously, I am implementing a NAKED ONLY rule around here. You either wear the clothes you been wearing all day, or you can walk around naked for the rest of the night. Your choice. I'm opting for naked, unless I go outside, and then I'll wear clothes only because it's snowing and my nipples are sensitive.

I did, in hindsight (which provides a glimpse of how foggy my brain has been lately), remember why I was hesitant to do laundry yesterday. Last Sunday? A week ago? When I did the laundry?

I washed Gray's Ipod. And dried it.

So....add that to the $24.25 in standard laundry fees, and that = HATE FUCKING LAUNDRY.