Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cannot Be Bothered To Name This Post

Hoo boy, am I ever antsy this week.

I cannot concentrate on ANYTHING, which means my daily commute is both a) dangerous to other drivers and b) exhilarating as hell. So many things going ON! How could I possibly think about ONE AT A TIME!? I'm like a dog in that if you place a piece of bacon on the floor by the chair, and then you place a piece of bacon on the floor by the couch, and then you balance a piece of bacon on the tip of my snout, I will spend the next hour trembling with anticipation, eyes darting between bacon A, B and C, until someone makes a sudden movement and loses a finger.

This week, Bacon A is the two year anniversary for Gray & I. It's not our wedding anniversary, mind you, it's just the anniversary of the day we decided to stop sleeping around. We're walking to our favorite local bar & grill for their summer block party: live music, $2 tacos, cheap beer, patio seating, stumbling home for drunken chutes & ladders - you know, the usual anniversary stuff. It will be magical.

Bacon B is that I'm taking Thursday and Friday off from work. Don't panic, NOBODY DIED. I simply decided that I wanted a little mental health day, and then on Thursday night, Gray & I, my Jill & her hubby are driving to Wisconsin for ROCK THE DOCK IV (insert spring break screaming and boobie flashing: here)!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rock the Dock, it's our annual couples weekend on the lake. For those of you who ARE familiar with Rock the Dock, we're still really sorry about the mess and/or promise not to smoke your ferns and/or shave your dog again this year.

Last year, on our first morning of Rock the Dock, I took a pregnancy test. It was the happiest day of my life, and Gray's. Needless to say, things didn't work out so well with that, but while it lasted, I had the glow of all pregnancy glows. Also needless to say, I was the only sober person that weekend. I am looking forward to making up for lost time this year, so if I come back with a tattoo of big bird on my foot? Don't be alarmed. It just means someone brought tequila.

Bacon C? DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME EXPLAIN ROCK THE DOCK?! It's a whole damn slab of pork, all wrapped up into one lake-y ball of contentedness and embarrassment.

Party Central
Gray fishin' with my Jill

Pretend that's better beer I'm holding

Bonfire on the day we found out we were going to be parents

(Notice he's drinking for the both of us)

RTD II, 2007, my victorious Birchwood Idol win, thanks to Shaina Twain and Bonnie Rait

Aww. Wwww.

Me & Chelle, taking it easy on the tube

I cannot WAIT to go again.