Saturday, July 30, 2011

Better than unicorns. Almost.

Ever had something happen to you that was so unexpected - and welcome - that you feel like everything inside of you that was heavy, everything that was coiled up tight, all of the second thoughts, all of the "what if" questions - all of those things that weighed you down have been sucked out of the top of your head by a giant, cosmic vacuum that's floating above you. And it's a giant, yellow smiley face vacuum.

Then when you feel like you're empty of bad things, you start floating around like an astronaut in zero gravity, and suddenly you bump into something wonderful, then you float around some more and bump into another magical thing, and after a while, you realize that all of the empty space, the void where your doubt used to reside, is starting to fill in with wonderfulness.

Yeah. I love it when that something happens.