Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo and Stuff

Because I am SO not dressing up this year, (and for all of you with a foggy memory of that night)...I am proud to present to you... Halloween 2007:
Me (succubus) and my Jill with one of B.P.'s finest - yes, he's a real cop and no, we were not out of hand AT ALL. And yes, I wanted to lick him.

Gray (as Satan - who else?) with Babyluv (our darling neice posing as a giraffe)

Despite what the Church would have you believe, Jesus and Satan are homies. Also, Jesus can drink you under the table. Satan? Not so much, but he can spill a bloody mary on my camera with the best of 'em.

Me with one of the Friends That Does Not Suck (this particular one has excellent taste in beer.)

Made for each other in hell, apparently...
I know the horns look cool and all, but they DID NOT STAY on his head people.
Glue be damned, they would not stay. Eventually he morphed into Dead Cowboy.