Friday, November 07, 2008

Complaining in a Public Forum Part II

Just a quick note to say that today is our follow-up appointment with my OBGYN post-miscarriage. This is the day when we'll drive down there and wait in the lobby with all the happy pregnant women. Then we'll go into the exam room where he will confirm that, indeed, he did scrape everything from my uterus successfully, and yes I'm most certainly not pregnant, now wasn't that fun? I'm not sure if he'll draw blood or poke around in there or anything.

This is the day when we'll discuss our birth control options because (YAY) we get to actually have sex again, now that I'm all recovered and whatnot...except for the fact that I'm STILL FUCKING BLEEDING from my period that started October 16th. But my understanding is that sex will once again be doctor-approved, so that's something.

As for birth control...the pill? Nope, makes my Crazy more visible. Condoms? Well, I guess that's our only option because I'm miles away - nay, LEAGUES away - from being anywhere close to wanting to try this whole baby thing again.

At least I get to ask him if it's normal for my back/chest/neck/head to resemble a giant map of landmines. The backne? It got much, much worse since I miscarried/had everything sucked out of me. I don't know if that's because all the hormones just...stopped dead in their tracks, and my skin was all, "Now wait a second here fellas, what the hell just happened? I thought we were going with pregnancy zits? Well, then this must be the other thing, the thing where she DIED and now we must commence with the rotting corpse zits."

Do I feel better now? No, but at least I'm not going to cry again. Until I get another hospital bill, that is.