Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Honeymoon (i.e., The Most Fun I've Ever Had With a Man I Hope Never to See Again)

My ex and I got married in Alaska. It was the most romantic and wonderful vacation I've ever taken (yes, even ahead of SD which is why I want to take you to AK, Gray, so don't get all huffy on me.) and would have been perfect, save for the whole "getting married when you know it's a really bad idea" thing. I like to forget about that part whenever possible. My wonderful family in Wasilla hosted us for three weeks, and my aunt performed our wedding ceremony by Campbell Creek in Anchorage. It was freezing cold but super beautiful.

This is me on my wedding day, post-ceremony. Pre mai tai.

This is the 272 pound halibut my ex caught on a chartered fishing excursion out of Seward. And by "caught", I mean "swore at while 5 other people helped him keep a hold of the fishing pole, and one guy batted the damn fish's head in while it flopped on the deck and almost knocked two people overboard". The fish, it did not fit in the fish box below deck. The tail stuck out by a good two feet. A crowd of gawkers followed us around as the fish was wheeled over for weighing, and watched as the fish promptly broke the weighing device. It cost over $5oo to filet and ship back to MN. It was...awesome. Oh, and it's belly contained 4 squid beaks. The guy in the photo is NOT my ex. I have no idea who he is. Guy in the photo, if you're reading this, can I please post your photo on my blog? Thanks.

The one in the middle is the ex's. One of the smaller ones (only weighed 40 lbs) was mine.

This is me standing WELL below the guard rail we hopped to get close to this rushing stream. I'm making the fart face. I don't remember why I'm making the fart face. Perhaps I was farting.

This is me on the deck of the cruise ship near one of the glaciers I was praying we didn't run into. It was cold. I was hung over. But isn't it lovely?

This is Juneau, somewhere I'd love to return very soon.

This may have been a warning to the newlyweds. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The trip was amazing (and expensive). My family was amazing (least of which for forgiving me when I broke up our marriage less than 8 months into it, after explaining myself of course). The scenery was indescribably amazing. The only thing more amazing was that I'd actually gone through with the wedding after finding my ex's online personal ad. If I was looking for a sign, that may have been it. I'm smart like that sometimes.