Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, far be it from me to speak too soon, but it looks like I've survived the weekend. Sure, my throat is all swollen, which means that my eustachian tubes are all sore from the glandular bear hubs, and I still haven't smoked since Friday...but I feel better.

I SHOULD feel better after all the rest I got - let me break down my weekend for you:

  • 2:30pm Friday - boss appears concerned that I might die on the premises, sends me home
  • 5:00pm Friday - go to bed
  • 8:00pm Friday - refuse to wake up
  • 8:30am Saturday - finally roll out of bed
  • 9:30am Saturday - nap on the couch
  • 11:40am Saturday - wake up and watch some bad TV
  • 3:00pm Saturday - nap
  • 6:00pm Saturday - wake up, move to couch, watch movies
  • 10:30pm Saturday - go to bed
  • 9:00am Sunday - wake up

So that's about 1,000,000,000 hours of sleep in one weekend. I'm torn because, YAY I FEEL BETTER, but also, Booo I slept through my entire weekend. Oh well, I guess giving up one weekend is a fair price for surviving.

Gray? Caught whatever it is that I have. They just sent him home from work. He looks even more pathetic than I did on Friday, poor chap. Time to play nurse again (and not the fun way).