Monday, December 29, 2008

Forrest Can Kiss It

Now I remember why I used to go running most days. I have to say, today was the first time I've worked up a good, honest sweat in about 9 months. And by "honest", I mean not sex or food-related. The community center in my little world allows people to use their walk/run track for free, which is awesome because I only pay for gym memberships when I have no intention of actually going, and therefore waste $20 a month to pay for the ownership of the little key fob that gets me into a building I never go to.

I didn't run far, all told - about a mile and a half - but that's pretty good for a girl who just quit smoking 10 days ago (less the two smokes I cheated with on Friday night), right?

There's something about the endorphins I get from lapping that old motherfucker in the fedora, and the knowledge that I can have a guilt-free glass of wine. It just really makes me smile.

So I guess I'm running again, at least for now. Don't expect too much - last year I "trained" myself to run a 5K, and I quit about 2 weeks before the actual event even though I was running more than 3 miles already.

I'm a lazy quitter, but damn can I drink wine with the best of 'em!