Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guess What? Answer

A pig at the Minnesota state fair, nursing her piglets, which she delivered as we stood and watched. Props to my Jill for getting the EXACT right answer! Probably helped that she saw the same pigs at the same fair on the same day. Also correct: Kari & Dawne, Desi and Claire, and all of you who guessed "teat" related guesses. Huh. Will have to try harder to make my Guess What an actual mystery next week. All in all, a very good effort everyone!

The Miracle of Life center at the state fair was cool, in an incredibly disturbing kind of way. When I give birth (hopefully to just ONE baby at a time), I would prefer not to do so in front of hundreds of gawkers (rules out a webcast, I realize). The piglets were coming out, and blood was kind of...squirting everywhere, and they were all clamoring for a nipple even as the umbilical cords held them together. It was like watching a really bloody, pink octopus in action.

Mmmmm baby bacon.