Sunday, January 04, 2009

Guess What? Answer

When I started reading Meredith's comment, I was like, "TAKE THAT! I stumped you!"

But then I realized that she actually guessed lava lamp, which is a pretty damn lucky guess if you ask me, considering it WAS a picture of my lava lamp. I think Meredith is some sort of visual genius - I bet I could take a photo of any random internal organ, and zoom it in real close, and Meredith would be all, "That's the second inch of a large intestine, probably a middle aged male, smoker." And then I'd give her the Nobel Prize for visual genius. The only problem with this scenario is that I'd have to dig through my freezer, find a tricky organ, and then thaw it out. Everyone knows spleens are mushy after they've been thawed.

I went through a week-long phase when I was fascinated with the lava lamp, and took all kind of photos trying to capture its fluid, graceful movements. The bubbles! It was as if they were alive! How did it work? Can I get a GIANT lava lamp?

I wasn't even high during this period of time. It was winter. Which is almost the same thing.