Saturday, April 11, 2009

going to look for benadryl instead

i want to give a big huge easter basket of thanks to Witchypoo at Psychic Geek for once again nominating my blog for Schmutzie's Five Star Friday! it's a huge honor to have my story lumped in with all those other great bloggers, and you should totally go check them all out when you're done coloring easter eggs and making runs to the liquor store. You should also check out Witchypoo's blog, which she started as a way to bridge the gap between practicing psychics (like herself) and christians who believe those psychics are tools of satan (like my mom). i can assure you all that if she's got horns? her bangs totally cover them.

gray is still too sick to do anything fun (no zoo for us, i'm afraid), so i'm spending the day in bed writing my analytical research paper for my women's lit class. it is, beyond a doubt, the worst way to spend our first 60 degree day since october, but i can't ride my bike until the cast comes off (and yes, dad, i know i need to buy a helmet) and I don't want to go to the zoo by myself for fear i'll be mistaken for a resident and locked into the cage with those blue-butted monkeys.

the entire living room is infected with death germs because gray is still camped out on the couch, and i'm afraid to be that close to "the hot zone", which means i haven't watched TV since sunday, nor have i had a proper cuddle. this must be what those cat ladies feel like.

also, i think the folks who we planned to vacation with are a little miffed with us because they had already purchased a cake and good steaks and other food for our visit, not to mention made up the guest room, but hopefully they know that no one is more devastated by our cancellation than i am. now i'm just going to have to get high and let's face it - the last thing this world needs is another doped-up moron with internet access and a tendency to publish before editing. on the other hand, it might make my research paper more enjoyable.

(i'm joking about the "getting high" thing, unless you count the mucinex, but it's not even the kind with sudafed.)

((please send drugs))