Friday, April 10, 2009

the universe strikes back

well, vacation was officially cancelled yesterday (insert moment of silence) because our would-be host and hostess are travelling themselves next week, and we decided that infecting them with the death virus from hell just before their vacation would not be cool.

gray felt a tad better last night (well enough to brush his teeth for the first time don't want to know) so he got his own water and sherbet from the kitchen a couple of times, and he trimmed his...ahem...nose hair because it was faking him out, making him think his nose was running when, i guess, it was just the nose hairs flapping in the breeze. (i had to have a conversation with him about how i'm sorry he's sick, but that does not mean i am ok with him leaving the trimmings all over my sink.)

apparently he overdid it last night, what with the standing up and all, because this morning , he's worse again. he's literally gone through 4 boxes of tissues since Tuesday, and we're on the second tub of sherbet. this virus has kicked his ass like it's never been kicked before - this is the first time in 9 years that he's called into work two days in a row.

but the GOOD news (besides the fact that i get to work on monday now) is that i woke up this morning with a sore throat, a headache AND a runny nose - every one of his symptoms besides the fever. i'm just going to ignore them all and hope they go away. because i may not be going on vacation (please hold while i SOB FOR A MOMENT), but i am bound and determined not to spend all weekend in bed. we are supposed to hit 60 degrees people, and i'll be damned if i have to hear about what that feels like on the news. i want to go to the zoo tomorrow to be with my own kind.

i realized yesterday that gray is a firstborn son, he is on a diet that promotes the consumption of primarily red meat, and he was struck down during passover...coincidence? or retribution for all those slayer concerts he's been to? and what the fuck did i ever do?

i'm cancelling easter. take that, universe!