Monday, April 06, 2009

got more than my fill of moobs

wrestle mania 25 was last night - for those of you (cooler than us) who didn't order the pay-per-view, i'll give you a quick synopsis: a lot of really big guys did a lot of really gay things to a lot of other big guys, and the undertaker is now 17-0.

that's pretty much all you need to know - if i knew how to do claymation, there would be photos here of miniature pectoral muscles with heads, doused in vegetable oil and rolling around in a teeny-tiny ring (the ropes would be those twizzler pull and peel things)((great, now i want candy)) and bottle rockets going off in the background. now go forth and revel in the money you saved.

today is a special kind of monday for me - it's the monday before a long weekend, which means that this time NEXT monday, i'll be sleeping soundly in a squishy bed in wisconsin by the lake with a dog in the closet beside me. or i'll be having vacation sex (with gray, not the dog). we'll see how it goes. some friends of ours invited us for a long weekend as a cheap (free) alternative to the vacation we cannot afford to take because we've had a rough end to the winter (did i mention the snow we got saturday?) and our nearest trip planned isn't until the fourth of july when we're going remote camping up north for 5 nights. july is not soon.

so i just have to get through this week and then it's party time! and by party time, i mean sleeping in past six in the morning and staying up past nine at night and getting the hell out of our apartment for a few nights before i go all jack torrance from the shining and kill all the russians with a mallot. since i don't have a denver croquet mallet, i'd have to use my rubber mallet, and im guessing that would take for-fucking-ever.

we need a break