Monday, April 13, 2009

my birthday in photos (aka easter)

hungover after the unexpected miscarriage scene in Marley & Me prompted dangerous levels of wine consumption, Cat spent the first half of her birthday in bed with Landers.
(notice not one, but two, tubes of chapstick on the night stand - i wasn't joking about my obsession)((also notice the tickets to see dane cook on june 13th))(((HELL YEAH)))

then gray got off the couch for the first time since monday night, and the two went to the minnesota landscape arboretum. it was not yet blooming.

what the hell are these pods, and where are the aliens that hatched from them?

Mr. Bumble Bee and Miss Tulip, doing the nasty

presumably, maple sap for syrup (or complimentary doggie poo bags)

the giant snake of death who tried to eat me (dude, his mouth is OPEN and he kept sliding at me)

lunch at pei wei - gotta love the asians, they're always open on religious holidays

my penis shaped peanut

aw, such a pretty birthday cake!

wait, do you notice something odd about it?

i did, too.

thanks to gray for recovering just in time to give me a kick-ass birthday!