Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm too busy getting ready to rock and therefore cannot do a "real" post right now. We're going to see Lamb of God tonight and I'm uber psyched. There are not many things that can keep me out past my bedtime on a work night, other than being kidnapped and tied up in the back of a van or held at gunpoint or given access to an Old Navy clearance rack. I'm usually in bed at (BEFORE) 9:00 during the week.

This concert? Starts at 8:00, which means I won't be in bed until around the time my alarm clock goes off in the morning, which in turn means that tomorrow, I will be a) bitchy, b) worthless and c) bitchy. But for LOG? Totally worth it. I've seen them once before with Slipknot and Shadows Fall, and this time I get to see a couple bands I've heard of but don't know well, Children of Bodom and As I Lay Dying.

Since I don't have a Lamb of God shirt, I will be sporting my "Fuckin' Slayer" shirt, which is kind of exciting since I don't wear it often because I'm afraid I'll offend the general public, and YES, I DO care about what people think of me, but only in person. The internet doesn't count. FUCK YOU ALL!

SOOOO in lieu of a "real" post, I give you: T-Shirts Ideally Suited for Gray and I (click on the pictures to go to the website where you can buy the shirt)

I could have been born with any of these tattooed on my chest and it would have been the most appropriate birth mark ever:

And these are what you'd find in the encyclopedia under "Gray" (besides "balding"):

This post is lame, I know. But I don't care because I'm going to get stepped on, shoved around, lose my hearing, and have a beer dumped on my head like last time. And that's all that matters.