Friday, May 01, 2009

I DO Make A Mean Meatball

So here's a picture of my non-broken arm hand:

And here's mummy hand - notice the absence of wrinkles? It's like I have baby skin. Or maybe like my regular skin is just turned inside out.

Ok, now I know this looks kind of like the video of those kangaroo babies or a newborn kitten, but really this is my right arm - the one that didn't spend any time in a cast:

And mummy arm.

Gross, huh? All the hair? Now I look like I'm half-Italian, which would be great if the good skin came with the hair, but alas, it's just the crazy black hairs.
Although, on the plus side? I think I found the cure for baldness: Head Casts! Gray will be so happy! Ok, now I'm off to the gym for my weigh-in with a personal (torturer) trainer.