Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Higher Education Is Scary

This whole thing is totally random. Blame Keely.

  • School starts next week. I'm taking English Literature and Shakespeare. There's really nothing to say beyond I. AM. SCARED. Hold me!

  • I'm trying to cram in as much pleasure reading as possible in the next 6 days because (please refer back to bullet point #1). I mean really. DAMN.

  • We're going back to Wisconsin on Thursday for a couple of days - one last hoorah before the weather turns, which is kind of funny because if anything, the weather never "turned" to summer here, so basically we're going to enjoy our last weekend of shitty weather before school starts. Because (please refer back to bullet point #1). What was I thinking?

  • I mean, I LIKE Shakespeare and all. I used to read him all the time in high school. But his words are wordy and word-filled. Not to mention...WHAT THE FUCK DOES "galliard" MEAN? I have a feeling this will challenge me in a challenging sort of mental challenge.

  • Did I mention this is an upper-division level course? Which means I don't have to just read stuff, I have to understand it, and then I have to create arguments about it and then defend those arguments, but of course the ability to do all of that goes back to the point about understanding it. And it's Shakespeare, ya'll. Not exactly Dick & Jane, if you know what I mean.

  • Throw on top of that an English Literature course which begins with such light reading as fucking BEOWULF. Are you familiar with the joy that is Beowulf? NO?!? Then consider yourself blessed by god. I lived through this hell back in high school and I am just so pumped to do it again. Truly.

  • Have I mentioned bullet point #1 yet?