Monday, September 14, 2009

The Trouble With Technology...

This is a highly classified transcript of the email transmission I received from Admiral Five Head at 1700 hours on Saturday night:

if you recieve an e-mail about a poem that if you do not emailit to 5 others you will have bad luck DELETE IT!! there is no such thindg as luck. also there may be a virus i do not think so but it is possible. also, if these storys are true demonic forces ma be withheld in the e-mail.

End Transmission from
Five Head
Capt. of U.S.S.Bold
Current Occupation
Star Fleet Command/
United Federation of Planets
Note:ONLY 3 calls a
week for ensigns

Apparently, Jesus hates SPAM, too.
Oh, and Mom? I think you need to send this kid to MORE church.
Because clearly he hasn't been brainwashed enough yet.