Thursday, March 11, 2010

Someone Let Me Loose Again.

I am a terrible person.*

That is all.

*I should probably explain the reasoning for such a statement, except that many of you know me, and thus, "I am a terrible person," needs no explanation. Even those of you who do not personally know me have at least read this blog (I'm assuming that since you're reading these words that you're reading this blog, unless there's another Google app that I'm entirely ignorant of. again.) and therefore you, too, need no explanation when I say, "I am a terrible person." Perhaps I'm not alone in the Terrible Person Club, but that hardly justifies the terrible behavior (unless I'm in charge of the promotional material for the club, in which case I'm only doing my job, assholes) and I cannot claim to simply be following along with the other terrible people because I don't really seem to know any, except of course for Cameron. What terrible thing have I done this time? Because to list all of the terrible things I have done in my lifetime would be to create a tome which rivals most of Stephen King's novels, and frankly I'm too busy being terrible to do anything so ambitious as compete with the most terrible of them all. However, this particular time, I am terrible because I had a very mean thought - a thought better left unsaid and which I practiced ignoring so that I would not say it, but which (OF COURSE) I was incapable of NOT saying, and so I watched as my very mean thought morphed into the much harder to ignore very mean words, and for a felt nice. That didn't last long as you might imagine, but while it lasted, it was bliss. And perhaps that blissful feeling is the true reason that I'm a terrible person. Either that, or it's Jesus's fault.