Friday, May 14, 2010

Because He's Tone Deaf, You See?

A while back, Gray and I met for a beer or three with our new buddy Moe. I think you'll remember Moe from this post. Yes. THAT GUY. And no, ladies - I am not authorized to disclose his contact information so just go ahead and refrain from beating down my door.

Moe was talking about the horror that is cleaning out a slow bathtub drain, especially one of those jobbies that doesn't detach from the tub because it's connected (to Hell, apparently) by the metal joint thingy. I believe that's the technical term. Anyway, Moe has twin daughters with long, flowing hair, and he has a pretty respectable mop on himself, and so all of those hairs end up twisted around the metal joint thingy on the tub stopper, and that gob of hair/unknown substances must occasionally be unwound and disposed of if one is to shower without standing in three inches of ones own filth.

To this end, Moe said something like, "It's gross know what people do in the shower..." and I was like, "Oh yeah. I totally know what people do in the shower." And then Gray was nodding emphatically to show that he, too, knows what people do in the shower.

And then (because I love to share) I exclaimed, "I pee in the shower all the time," and Moe kind of nodded understandingly, but Gray exclaimed, "YOU PEE IN THE SHOWER?!" Moe and I both looked at him quizzically because what the hell else did he think we were talking about?

And that's when it hit me: GRAY SINGS IN THE SHOWER.

That's just wrong.