Friday, December 17, 2010

Crappy Xmas Post

We are flying to Long Beach tomorrow to spend the week before Christmas with my family. I've really over-done it this week running errands, working half days, organizing bills, taking care of some insurance matters. I"m exhausted and my throat is swollen, hopefully due to being tired and nothing else because otherwise I WILL INFECT YOU IF YOU ARE FLYING FROM MILWAUKEE TO LAX tomorrow.

I am not taking my laptop with me and I will not be posting - it's the least I can do to thank my folks for spending two weeks waiting on me hand and foot last month. I'm sure you'll all be devastated. 

These photos are from January 2010 when Gray and I got engaged out in Malibu. Thought they might tide you over a bit.

Me (left) with Jessica Bern of last January

I haven't spent a Christmas in California with this side of the family since I was a kid. It's about damn time. It's also surprising because this is the side of the family that is easy going even when I'm not wasted on boxed wine from a plastic cup.

This year, the wine has been hidden and the plastic cup forcibly removed from my grasp.
So this is the perfect time to resume old traditions, no?