Sunday, December 12, 2010

On a Lighter Note

We got a lot of snow here this weekend. I was confined to the house (thanks to Nurse Gray) and therefore could only take photos of him clearing the snow. Nothing interesting, but also...nothing cold. Or slippery.

Or interesting.

Thankfully, some friends of ours had mercy and let us borrow their snow thrower. As you can see, the accumulation was rather deep on the driveway, so it would have killed Gray to shovel it all by hand. 

Our driveway, unlike most of our neighbors, begins on at the front of our house and continues all the way to the rear of our property. Then there's the front sidewalk, the side-sidewalk, the back sidewalk and the deck, then we have to shovel a path for walking to the garage, and another for rolling the garbage bins around the side of our garage, where most of the (SMART) neighbors have just a short pad to park their cars.

When the deck and yard was filled up with so much snow that Bampa was waist-high, and shovelling was pointless due to the crazy wind, he decided just to crap inside. We couldn't blame him.

The weather is much better this morning, but the driveway remains impassable. Gray is chomping away with the shovel until the snow is a manageable depth for the snow thrower, but he's also exhausted and probably losing his mind a little bit. Unless he's pretending he's an arctic explorer, in which case it's too late for him anyway.

Oh, and the Metrodome broke under the weight of the snow. HOORAY! No football today!

Bundle up, kids.