Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pro Gress

This is such a non-post post that I'm a little ashamed, although not enough so that I stoop to apologizing. Instead, I think I'll just fart and blame the dog. That oughta distract ya'lls.

What? I didn't make that smell! Okay, fine - I knocked over the garbage can, ate all the leftover hamburger with spicy seasoning, and diarrhea-d all over Gray this morning. But I DIDN'T FART. That's Mama's department.
I painted the hallway blue. That is all.
I also hung a chandelier in my office. My FUTURE office. Before I can use this space, I must get rid of all of the damn insulation particles which have ground themselves into every surface of the room, including the deep-piled carpets (and my nasal cavities).
This is what fell out of the ceiling after I used a friend's rotozip and sawzall to cut a circle big enough to install the ceiling box for that light fixture.

The House: She is pleased.
Also, am I a handy bitch or what? I've already shunned all pretenses of femininity by demanding that Gray give me 1) a Weber (CHARCOAL) grill and 2) a wrench set for my birthday in April.

Damn, I'm awesome.