Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, I lost a Follower.

Can't say I blame It. I've been MIA for two weeks now. But there's a good reason, I swear:

I started drinking again. And it's magical.

But no, that's not why. Our Bampa died on the 26th. I need to write about his life and his death and what he meant to our fucking crazy clan, but I just haven't been able to do it, and writing about anything else just seems like a kick in the formerly-present, presently-former balls of my dearly departed Bear-bear. He deserves a proper tribute, and I've been avoiding it because...well...I don't know. Just because.

I haven't been in a creative writing mood lately, more of a DIY mode filled with sharp objects and deep splinters, so the thought of expressing myself verbally has been very much akin to scraping red-hot blown glass over my labia and then inserting the fried labia into my eyeball.

And so there. I'm not writing a post now. Because I'm not ready.

But things are Happening in our den, so I'll be back soon, probably with a hangover, but hopefully with actual words.