Friday, April 15, 2011

Like white on

Everyone has their quirky meals, it seems. Sometimes (like last night, actually) Gray will eat nothing but three giant chocolate chip cookies for dinner. My dog would eat a loaf of bread if I set it too near the edge of the counter.

In fact, she has.

As we speak, I'm eating a bowl of plain, white rice. Technically it's still breakfast time, but I'm starving to death and the yogurt I ate at 7:30 isn't cutting it anymore. Probably because it's made out of milk and bacteria. Like my vagina.

White rice is my All Alone for Dinner meal because it's delicious and simple. I can customize it to my mood by squirting it with lime, sprinkling it with crushed red pepper, or stirring in some Italian dressing. It's filling in my tummy and texturally-interesting in my mouth. I love brown rice, too, but it takes so much longer to cook that I usually don't make it when I'm cooking just for myself. Not because I don't feel like I deserve a good meal, but because I spent so much time with my Anal Pleasures DVD and I'm too faint to wait for complex carbs.

Another go-to meal of mine is plain spaghetti noodles. Same reasons, different texture.

I've also been known to subsist on strange meals like a plate full of pickled vegetables and pieces of cheese, a whole tomato with salt and pepper, a raw, sweet onion, Asian soy-snack mix, and a full bag of popcorn. Oh, and fourteen Luigi's Italian Ices. In a row. While eating chips and guacamole.

With a side of Kettle One.