Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday, and Oh Cool

Okay, so don't go look at this photo if you're eating, just ate, or plan to eat again in your lifetime. Everybody else, go ahead and click on the link. But be forewarned: It is of a boobie, so there's nipple and booby and grossness. It's EEEEEEWWWWWYYYY!

I am a total freak, because I think it's awesome. It's awesome in the same kind of way that zits are fun to pop and sunburn is fun to peel and blisters are fun to drain. But it's definitely disturbing to look at. I get shivers all over when I see that picture. Snopes says it's fake, photo shopped, make up, completely untrue.

I saw this on Post Secret on Tuesday, and was kind of amused at the reactions many people had. (If you've never checked out Post Secret, you totally should!) I guess lots of people wrote in to say they couldn't read the blog any longer, and they can't eat sunflower seeds any more, and one woman puked from looking at the picture. Lady, if you puked from looking at that picture, then I would not recommend ever visiting a loved one in the hospital if they have a tracheotomy tube and pneumonia. Just don't do it. There's nothing like an infected wad of phlegm shooting out of a man's neck and hitting the television mounted in the corner of the hospital room. This picture? It's got nothing on brain injuries.

What do you think? I'm fascinated by it and keep going back to look at it again. Don't you want to just squeeze them out and then stick a Q-tip in there to see how deep the holes are? I DO I DO I DO! I'd like to troubleshoot options for plugging the holes back up. Possibly silly putty? Tile grout? Or, she could use them as storage, like for very small diamonds, and smuggle them across borders!

Man, am I ever messed up! I have GOT to get me some of that photo shop software. Imagine what I could do with a picture of my butt and some caterpillars!