Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death to "No Reply-Comment"

I was over at Mama Kat's site yesterday, and she linked to a blog called The Secret is in the Sauce, a website devoted to blog etiquette and tips. They just so happened to post about the very thing which was baffling my dumb ass last month: The No-Reply Comment email address.

You know when people comment on your post, and you get the comment sent to your email inbox, and you click "reply" so you can...you know...REPLY to their comment. But then you realize the email address says "noreply-comment[at]blogger.com". And because you're smarter than me, you realize that HEY! That's not a real address! This person won't get my reply if I send it there!

Yeah, well Heather and Tiffany at SITS explain how to fix that problem:

"Now, go into your profile page and choose "edit your profile".
Check the box that says "show my email address".
Then, on that same page under Identity, type in your email where it says "Email address". "

So, my bloggy freaks - the secret to THIS sauce is editing your own damn profile so that people can reply to your comments without jumping through all those damn hoops. Jesus, get with the program everybody! Go update your profile settings RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!

I did mine last night. You're welcome.