Friday, January 16, 2009

Completely Unrelated

Yeah, so I've got nothing. The unfortunate side effect of creative writing assignments, apparently, is that I freeze up at the knowledge that I'll be graded on this particular bit of writing, and my brain stops working and I can't write anything at all, let alone anything that would count as "passable" or "blog-able" (although, since when has that stopped me before?), so what I'm going to do is post some photos of Alaska in September. Because they're totally irrelevant, but really beautiful, and because I forgot that I'd taken them until today.

Later this weekend, I'll probably subject you all to the rough draft of my first writing assignment: a 5 page, non-fiction narrative, meant to encompass a (roughly) ten minute period of my life during which I experienced some kind of "turning point" or other, similarly huge pivotal moment. Because don't all important life changes come in nice, ten-minute sized chunks?

Fucking MLK Jr. Day, seriously.