Monday, January 26, 2009

I Could Call It "Dreds of Death", But That Seems Too Obvious

In case you didn't hear me shrieking with glee, or in case you DID hear me shrieking and you were worried I may have slammed my hand in a car door, I thought I'd let you know that I was shrieking with glee because Schmutzie got super high, ate and entire package of pizza rolls, and then decided to feature me on Five Star Friday last week!

I know, can't you just die happy now?

So, after Jesus, I suppose I should thank Heinous again for his prompt that started my now-famous post. Well, maybe not famous so much as...infamous. Or, you know, completely forgotten about already. But whatever, I'm just super excited to have been stuck in a list with all those other great bloggers. It's much better than the time I got stuck in a list with all those felons. They liked to goose me.

Anyway, you'll notice I didn't post over the weekend. Yeah, that's my new thing now, you like it?
I spent all weekend jacking around on Landers, although I did get a lot of homework done yesterday. Tonight is the much anticipated return to my Imaginitive Writing class with Mr. MLK Jr. McTardy Pants. I am scared to death, and not sure exactly what I'm scared OF. That the professor's giant dred locks will come to life and strangle me? (Hmmm maybe there's a story in that premise...) That I'll be marked tardy AGAIN this time because my school is in some kind of alternate universe where no matter what time leave work, I will always arrive at 7:15 and have to walk into the workshop late and flustered?

My plan is to head over there straight after work and re-read the assignments and prepare for death, you know, just in case those stinky hair balls really do come after me tonight. If you don't hear from me tomorrow, contact Inspector Vidal Sassoon poste haste!

PS - My creative non-fiction piece is coming along, coming slowly along - I will post it here as soon as I have my rough draft finished. It's just that I'm writing it about - what else? - the baby because there's no other event in my mind that even remotely resembles "life-changing" at the moment, and I'm kind of stuck on a few parts that I must have blocked out of my memory already (or maybe that was the vicoden), so I'm having to rehash a lot of non-happy feelings, and then everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby or just got engaged (non-related, I realize) so I'm all blinded by gigantic belly buttons and plotting more kidnappings, and it's really cutting into my productive writing time, you know?