Thursday, April 16, 2009

finally we really can have it OUR way

this commercial is inappropriate in several disturbing ways, which is, of course, why i love it and in turn, why i want to share it with you. totally makes me want a burger king kids meal. you know how mc donald's has redbox? maybe burger king will start putting hookers in the lobby! i can dream, right?

my other favorite use of this song:

what i wouldn't give to make sweet, gay love to jennifer anniston.

updated: apparently i am not making myself clear. the burger king guys is not why this commercial is totally fucked up, which is what everyone seems to think at this point. THEY ARE SELLING CHEESE BURGERS TO CHILDREN WITH A SONG ABOUT BIG ASSES, and the models in the commercial are like robert palmer dancers with styrofoam in their dress. is no one else bothered by the SONG?!