Wednesday, April 15, 2009

we saw another snake, too

gray and i drove down to huber park last night and we hit the state trail that runs along the minnesota river. it was GORGEOUS outside, and by "gorgeous", i mean it felt like jesus was sitting on my face. of course, i took along the camera (which...why haven't i named that yet?)((leave camera name suggestions in the comments please)).

spring time in minnesota (aka mostly still brown and ugly):

look at the buds! do you see the buds! BUDS!

THEN WE GRILLED OUR DINNER. i am not even joking. i haven't grilled since last june, people. normally, i'm a year-round griller (with charcoal, even)((gas grills are NOT the same))(((i'm also anti-lighter fluid, one of the good things bequeathed me by my ex))) but living in this apartment building put a cramp on our succulent grill plans, mostly because we aren't allowed to use our own grill so we have to use the park-style grills stuck in the ground and those things aren't exactly the greatest for heat control, nor are there lids on them, so i have to devise a foil covering to trap in the heat, then that wants to blow away so you have to hold the foil down with tongs, then you have to remember that metal tongs get hot (go figure), plus there's the dragging of all your shit outside, the going back through 2 locked doors to wash the raw meat off your hands, the possibility of locking yourself out of the building...grilling is much easier when you can just step out the back door, know what i mean?

but somehow this year, i don't think it's going to stop us.