Friday, August 20, 2010

A Librarian Eating Another Woman's Cheeseburger. Shocking.

So I thought my blog anniversary was in August. Now I remember making this same mistake last year, actually, but I didn't remember soon enought to avoid spreading misinformation amongst the women of #BlogLove at the European Marketplace hosted by the lovely ladies of Love Feast Table, Chris Ann and Kristin.

Fortunately for me, the guests of said event were all drinkingwine and so are very unlikely to A) care that I lied to their faces or B) remember what the hell I'm even talking about.

What I'm saying is that my blogging anniversary is not until next month. That means I'm exactly a month LESS creative than I thought. Which doesn't surprise me, when I think about it, I am surprised that I HAVE a blogging anniversary because one of my strong suits is starting projects I never finish. But enough of that for now, because it's time for one very lucky lady to dig into my cheeseburger.

Wow. Turns out you CAN over-play the homosexual innuendo card. Good to know.

Congratulations to both Brett of It Was Dark, Stormy and I Lost My Serial Comma (who has the longest blog name in the history of the world and who also won the Johnny Rockets prize but declined because he's too lazy to actually use the coupon and probably already fat enough, and told me to give it to someone else) as well as Michele the sexy librarian from It's a Dog's Life (to whom I'm happy to give this card because she faithfully stuck by my blog during the weeks and weeks of wedding-induced Not Posting At All as well when even my IRL friends decided googling Justin Beiber was more interesting than waiting around for me, as well as because Michelle loves to cook beautiful food and post pictures of her awesome cookiness and those pictures make me feel bad about myself and my endless parade of taco nights, and therefore Michele spending a night NOT cooking is basically the same thing as it being my birthday, except with less cake).

So congratulations to Michele (and kinda to Brett) and we'll just sit back and see how long it takes her to decide whether or not she reeeeeeeally wants to give me her actual home address.*

*I just read her post form this morning and it turns out she's on a diet. All I can say is HAHAHA. Fatty gonna eat a cheeseburger.