Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mmm Mmm Dead

I promise to let you eat my cheeseburger very soon, but I must first comment on this important social issue:


I'm working on some research for my Month of Ramen (it WILL HAPPEN, so help me fucking god) and I figured since I'll be showcasing lots and lots of noodle-based recipes, I'd better get a pretty little ramen bowl to photograph them in. It's for the good of the world, and therefore a justifiable expense.

When considering where to purchase such a bowl, my first though was Pier One's the only store where the teak love-children of kitschy eastern decor and frilly western sensibilities live. And can be found on sale. THERE IS NOWHERE BETTER.

So I went to Pier One. And look at the beautiful specimen I decided on!

I am a yellow noodle bowl. Aren't I lovely? Eat out of me!
In fact, these little ceramic dishes were such a good deal that I decided to purchase enough to serve all of my frequent dinner guests. Which means two.

Curious about the origins of the fine craftsmanship of the bowl, I flipped it over. Imagine my horror when I discovered:

Oh, hai. I can haz mention I might be deadly?

In Pier One's defense, these bowls *were* on clearance...