Sunday, November 07, 2010

Apparently brains are important and skull fractures are bad

Hey there Internet. Bad news...this is not Cat. It's Cat's blogging friend, Summer. You might remember me as the girl who broke her foot while attending BlogHer in New York with Cat (boy, what a fucking great thing to be remembered by).

So, why am I writing on Cat's blog? I'm afraid I am the barer of some not so great news. By now I am sure you have noticed that there has not been a new post here in about a month. Normally that is not a cause for concern. Bloggers go silent all the time. It happens. Unfortunately this silent period is not due to Cat's crazy move, school, or marriage. This silent period is because Cat has done gone n' cracked her head open.

I am not even kidding.

Maybe Cat felt the need to out-klutz/out-injure me, maybe my bad luck transferred over to her, either way, Cat suffered a major injury. She fell down a flight of stairs at her new house and was unconscious for around 20 minutes. She was rushed to the hospital and put in the ICU due to immense swelling on her brain and a small skull fracture. After about a week in the ICU they downgraded her to the trauma unit and shortly after that released her to go home. I believe her total time in the hospital was just under two weeks.

Right now Cat is home resting. She is not allowed to have visitors outside of her parents and family members who are helping to take care of her while her hubby works. She is in a lot of pain and on both pain and seizure meds. Right now she has a giant list of no's that she has to follow: no loud noises, no work, no internet, no movies, no driving, no shopping, no cooking, no stair climbing, and worst of all, no alcohol for six to nine more months! She has lost all taste and smell and may or may not get that back. I have not had the opportunity to actually talk to her (only via text messaging) but she told me that she is getting a pixie hair cut because "having hair hurts."

I have to tell you that Cat is absolutely one of my favorite people. I had been reading her blog for close to two years before I actually got to meet her in real life. After spending less than a week with her I knew she was one of the most caring bad-ass chicks to walk this earth. When I broke my foot in New York she totally took care of me and even after I got home she was continuously checking up on me, sending me illegal care packages, and finding ways to make me laugh. There are not many people who will go to that much trouble for someone they just met, but Cat is just that type of fucking amazing.

So there you have it. It kills me that there is literally nothing I can do to help. The only thing I can do is to informing her readers and friends of her situation and ask all of you to send her words of encouragement in the comments.

PS - I am in no way an official spokesperson for Cat, her family, or her condition - but if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them. Just email me: blogfullyyours at yahoo dot com.