Friday, November 19, 2010


You guys.....
                ......I'm here.....

Well, kind of.

This morning at my weekly appointment, my speech pathologist gave me the go-ahead to use email and Facebook again, so I've interpreted that liberally to include Blogger as well.

What to say? What to say? Well here's something: a big, scary injury that requires hospitalization is an awesome source for blog material. If you survive.

I haven't been on the FB yet, but I did call my bank and I emailed my family, and now I'm too exhausted to actually write a post for ya'll, so here. Have these:
This is one of my head bruises after it was nearly gone. WTF, head?

Chopping off the hair because it pulled on my skull and a pony tail was even worse. BE GONE! (I look so awful in the photo 1) because I'm swollen like a giant, pale chipmunk and B) this is the part when I almost threw up passed out on my kitchen floor. Sitting up, chit-chating and.......sitting up at the same time was too much for my brains to handle, apparently.

 Okay, so this is decidedly not the best look, but it's really fun to stick up straight in the air. Especially before Gray wheels me around the block in the wheel chair. The neighbors love it. The chair isn't really necessary (I can walk) but the docs and everyone else believes that walking TOO far will result in the world exploding. Or me passing out or seizing up or falling (again) or something. Plus, you know, snow and stuff.

Awww isn't he cute? My nurse.

Don't worry, kids. I'll be back for you soon.