Friday, May 06, 2011

I found a project (actually, I found 5,000 of them)

I think I'm going to start with this project, though, because I'm tired of our house being an eye sore. I'd much prefer to have the reputation of the weird couple with the beautiful home.

The first part of that reputation is already in place.

A before picture, for your viewing pleasure.

Okay, so here's what the house looks like now that we ripped out the awful for sale sign, the stab-happy flower shrubs of doom, and all of the hideous landscaping rock.

And here is my first attempt at sketching what I'd like to do with the new facade.

Can you tell I don't have a) Photoshop b) any sort of artistic abilities c) or really any sense of landscape design whatsoever?


The front of our house is in full sun almost all day long.
I basically only plant perennials because I hate buying them every damn year, but I'd like some annuals in the window boxes (which I have yet to buy/make).
I want relatively low-growing shrubs in the front under the windows, shrubs that won't be huge one day, that I can prune back and keep below the windows.
Perhaps some evergreens.
Perhaps some unicorns.
Who knows.
I will be laying fabric and mulching over the dirt when all the planting is done.
Otherwise, it's a blank slate.