Monday, July 06, 2009

Miss Yvonne: Bnaughty By Nature

Congratulations to the winner of a Bnaughty by BSwish, courtesy of Drew and Eden Fantasys: Miss Yvonne of Yo Mama's Blog from DFW, Texas!!

I used this random generator to pick a winner from the 16 unique entries to my Sex Toy Giveaway, and Miss Yvonne was lucky #14! I stopped over by her place today and see that she's got a little giveaway of her own going on at her blog, one which is vastly less erotic but also much funnier. I mean...who doesn't want to chew a mullet, truly?

At first, I was somewhat disheartened by the lack of participation in my vibrator fest here at Zipbagofbones. Don't you people like yourselves? Or were you all taught to be ashamed of your body like I was? Did you mother also tell you that touching yourself was naughty? Because I'll tell ya, if she's anything like my mother, she talked out the one side of her mouth and she had Playboys and pot hidden in her bedroom.

I was sad for you people and your mummified, cob-webby lady bits. That is...until I check my Googly Analytics report and saw that 111 people stopped here JUST to read my review of the Bnaughty, and the average time spent on that particular page was over 2 minutes, so basically long enough to fiddle yourselves, so clearly there are more dirty sluts out there than you would have us believe.

Also, I've got news for you people who read but do not play: Jesus knows you read my blog, so I don't think you'll get any points for not entering my giveaway.

Congrats, Miss Yvonne - be sure to email me for details about collecting your considerabl(y pleasurable) prize!