Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fursuit fetish and other really sick shit we love

Well now.

Quite a good showing for our last anonymous confessions post. I was impressed with the number of commenters, both anon and non-anon, although some people close to Zippy felt the confessions were pretty damn run-of-the-mill slash vanilla.


Here's something I've been fascinated by for years, thanks to an episode of CSI: Miami - There are people who only get off on the idea of or actual act of fucking inside of or to a person in a fur suit. Like a mascot.

I've never been able to look at the Twins T.C. Bear the same.

So I've been thinking. What is my sexual fetish?

I'm not sure that I have one, to be honest. Certainly nothing that I obsess over. I don't like feet that much; I'm not really into dead bodies or threesomes. Asian chicks are hot, but so are lots of other women. Dick size doesn't seem to make much of a difference in porn, although GIANT does seem to equal more screaming than moaning. That's kind of a turn-off, actually.

Hurt so good, in my opinion, didn't mean hemorrhaging and vaginal wall tearing.


I DO enjoy watching sex I'd never actually have myself. For instance, you may have noticed my many references to Taboo Anal Pleasures 5000. I don't want anything in my pooper except poop, but it's fun to watch. Seems the more porn one views, the more desensitized one becomes; therefore, the more out-of-the-box ones viewing must become if one is to attain...the Ultimate Goal.

Having met some people with fetishes, however, I think it must be much more common than we think.

Therefore, spill it.

I want to know your dirty, nasty secrets.

Ever wanted to do a chicken? That's called: Avisodomy

Ever got off by watching someone freeze to death? That's called: Psychrophilia

Find yourself "accidentally" sticking your junk in your partner's nose? That's called: Nasophilia

We don't judge here. You don't have to worry about people calling your a pervert. Actually, you should be more worried that my freaks will want your phone number for a booty call after this one. So go ahead: spill the beans.

Unless you have a thing for beans. Then you're just sick.